Linear and essential study of interior decoration, harmonic and well balanced interior design. Every architectonic gesture turns into few firm and clear lines, where presences of linear and essential objects are balanced, co-exist harmoniously in the same space. Our interior design seeks to brings out a relaxation and evocativeness in the most essential of objects, which simplicity we hope to impress into your visitors a lasting memory. The planning action represents the desire of shaping a space which is not only functional, but also link to a global work of architecture, i.e. with the building as a while. The rooms in fact do not only represent the isolated answer to the well-understood functions it process, but regenerates its link across sections of the interior, and the architecture as a whole, within a tri-dimensional context. From consumer items, an instrument, a car, to furniture. Our industrial designs brings out the human ingenuity behind the products' functional, technical and formal characteristics, in the form of an inventive combination of materials, technology, and experience. Curiosity for old and new technologies, for materials and production techniques: the core of our job is the awareness of “how it is made”. Thank to the design of a gym, we had the chance to develop also the design of spa and wellness centers. The customer needs special images offering a view which must be artificial and realistic at the same time, in order for him to have a clear idea of the final project. The 2D drawing is always realized with cad programs, as they are very accurate. The 3D modeling comes from 2D shapes, then, the final stage corresponds to the application of materials, the calibration of lights, the insertion of specific scenographic contexts, and the launch of the rendering by 3D Studio Max.

The Trainer 4U
Technogym Fitness Center in Rapallo (Genoa)


The individual's house in Rapallo (Genoa)


La Levantina
Renderings created for other design studios


Atelier del Gelato
Ice-cream place in Rapallo old town center(Genoa)


Panama Village
Rendering for turistic village


Renderings for Horus Group
A collection of renderings realized for Studio Horus Group


Collection of renderings created for other design studios