Golf, but not only Golf... We have started out picking up a map of the golf course, then we have planned an inspection, and thanks to the help of the sport secretary and of the trainers, we have reproduced graphically each single hole of the, and so we have realised our first Stroke-Saver. Like in a game, we put into practice our 3D knowledges, in order to obtain the first three-dimensional representation of each single hole in Italy. The specific golf course is the Golf Club Rapallo, many others came along, but it's in such a special course that someone (our dear Fabrizio Pagliettini) name us Golf-Designers. Not yet for what concerns the design of a golf course, but for what concerns a club social life according to a designer's perspective. Coordinated image, interaction with the innumerable occurrances and sponsors, realization of e-mails in order to communicate with the associates, posteras, leaflets... We take care of the club's image from an aesthetic point of view, enforcing day by day its Corporate Identity, and ensuring its presence on the communication channels.

3D Modeling and plans


Logotypes and brands for Sport Association


Brochures and folding
Personalized brochures and folding


Roll Up
Promotional Roll Up for events


Invitations and "save the date" for the events


Personalized Cards for subscription


Throwaway of any kind


Advertising posters
Advertising and promotional posters


Pass, score, competition schedule and poster