As we started thinking about the realisation of this website, whose main task is to present a selection of works and projects, we didn't have any doubt. It had to be an exciting story, but also a story talking about our daily life. A story of love, enthusiasm, truth and magic. A continuous pursuit of new dreams, a steady desire to cross the boundary. Our architecture ideas come from the emotional fragments along the way, day by day.

Luca Porcu

Luca graduated in 2006 in Industrial Design at the University of Genoa, faculty of Architecture. Yet, it is the air of Florence, and the collaboration with Simone Micheli, famed for contemporary architectural design, that fired up Luca's inner passion for design thanks to the unique environment and the special atmosphere. After further field experience, Studio_P came to life. Here Luca embarked in a journey to visualise a global esprite de corps.
In numerous researches and experiments, parallel to his numerous synergetic collaborations with other designers, he seeks to create aesthetic designs based on simplicity and functionality, under an indivisible partnership of light and material Research, endless thisrst of knowledge and discovery, and the desire of comparison with the world represent the team spirit.
Visual communication and business brand's study are just few of Studio P's everyday challenges, in particular since the joint effort of Marina, with her experience and qualification. She is not only the most concrete core and technique of Studio_P, but also Luca's irreplaceable life partner.


Marina Cavallo
Marina graduated in 2010 in Techniques for architectural design at the University of Genoa, faculty of Architecture. The link between Architecture and eco-sustainability for Marina, is indispensable. Her extensive role in the energy efficiency analysis project in Liguria, where she produces eco-friendly solutions integrating energy conservation with architecture, speaks loudly to her strong identification to architectural beauty in a lasting environment. This remains at the heart of her unique style and strong identity, making a distinctive impact on projects she involves. Her approach is based on the safeguard of the future and the focus on the environment, as well as a strong identity and a unique style, which represent the geode lines of the “project-spirit”. She cooperates with different design studios, and she deals with Studio P's bureaucratic paperworks as Art Director.

Interpreting the present by looking at the future
Design, for us, means a new reality related with design and communication in global terms. Our life long passion in design is to attempt to realise what is considered impossible: an eco-friendly environments with global outlook; and we get our best results by playing with serious situations and relalities. Versatility takes us to see design in global perspective. Often, our help is requested for the very fact that we can guarantee a multitude of the purpose and use of the final product, where several diverse skills are utilised to bring forth the multi-purpose nature of our designs: From a coordinated image design, with components from the logo, to exhibition stands, to posters dominating the wall space in avenues and streets... Our service, thus, guarantees a coordinated solution which follows precise guiding principles, and which does not end up in designs loosely tied in from a linguistic and a uniform perspective only, but strongly interconnected narrative, telling of a dynamic and global vision.